Behr started out as a one-man project. After the early releases of Behr, he got back in contact with an old, dear friend of his from school. A couple of years ago both musicians formed an analog drum corps band, to perform live jazz, funk and drum n bass gigs.

After they graduated, their personal and musical paths separated. Luckily in 2010 they found each other again, after years after total separation.

Soon they discovered that each one of them has grown in his own musical way. It was just a matter of time till they discovered that both styles and experiences make a perfect match.

The first tracks were born but remained unreleased. It got more serious when both musicians decided to form a constant band instead of random projects. They decided to release tracks under the band name Behr from now on.

Their musical style can be described as tech-house with a minimal touch. Both parts of the Band Behr love melodies and sprouting percussive patterns. All songs are written and produced by both members of the band.
Sven = The Man

Real Scenes: Berlin from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

BEHR Live in Luzern, CH
Our Designer is kicking it old school. Must see!